Sample Essay

There are certain problems associated while adopting the safety culture in the construction oriented companies which are presented in the following (Hughes, Ferrett, 2006, p76):

  • Data accuracy gets highly affected because of the less or under-reporting of accidents in the company

  • The measures undertaken by the company would be affected if they does not differentiate between the ratio of minor and major accidents
  • Distinction could be sensed because of the part time and full time employees
  • Noteworthy changes and differentiations could happen to the work activities while the durations and periods of work are compared


There are some significant indicators which point out the poor safety culture being practiced in the construction companies. These indicators are many but some of them are given as under (Hughes, Ferrett, 2006, p87):

  • Workforce of the company facing high rate of absenteeism, illness, and low profile o health
  • Feeble structure of the safety management of company
  •  Lack of match between the normal health and safety procedures set by the government board with that of the safety practices being practiced by the company
  • Lack of resources for proper implementation of safety culture in the construction company
  • Poor management of resources and procedures from the contractors side
  • Lack of communication, leadership, cooperation and control from the company side
  • High ratio of insurance quality and payment

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