Sample Essay

Mayan Culture has been derived from the ancient Native American culture and its description would be provided in the later topics of the paper. Apart from that, the issues which would be described in this paper with regard to the Mayan Culture would be the prenatal issues and birth that were experienced by the people of Mayan Culture. Different aspects of the prenatal and birth issues would be discussed with information on the Mayan culture as well.

History proves that the condition of the Mayas was very tremendous and marvelous in the past civilization of Mayan culture. But it has changed with the pace of time. The Mayan culture and the Maya people have been affected to high extends in the modern age. They have been affected with poverty, low income, and lack of resources, lack of education, and lack of medical facilities. Apart from that, the Maya women have less knowledge of the prenatal care which makes them suffer from several prenatal and birth issues. As a result, the health of the women and children gets affected mutually.

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