Sample Essay

The strategy used by the Premier Company has business processes revolve around process focused work teams and cross functional work teams. For communication, the company has an employee feedback option is present whereby the employees can provide their opinion about the management, the business sand its processes. The company empowers its employees with its motto ‘Focus on people’. Compensation is provided on the review and reward based system. The company uses an employee performance management system as well as a deployment grid for this.

Training is provided through on-the-job utilization. The company also has Corporate Learning Council which is the in-house education institution hosted by premier. It is led mostly by the council and the HR. The company applies strategic goals for recruitment and succession planning. Recruitment conducted as per 11 value based competencies. Orientation is provided on the work and is maintained throughout the first year of the employment well as a formal orientation program at the initiation of the employment and succession is conducted through talent pipeline and high potentials. In Premier, motivation is provided through recognition of employee accomplishments, and by providing them with opportunities to stretch and create their balance between work and life.

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