Sample Essay

As seen by the researchers and senior management of several other companies, the main difference between that of theory and practice is huge because of the fact that the real practice is always larger and different from the theory in real life experience and working environment. Theories usually help the company in foreseeing the future growth aspects, pros and cons of the business run by the company, but practice experiences the real life layout and result of the policies set ahead by the company’s management. The approach of theory could be effective and useful for the company, but the approach of practice is entirely different from theory because it is for the reality and real life experience in the present age. However, the positive side of theory is that it can help in affecting and improving the practice in the future and the company can strengthen practice with the help of theory. The position of present development seen by several companies is because they improved and get strong within themselves because they tool help of the theory, recognized their value and position in the marketplace and then can enhance their future working in the practical world by improving their theories and setting up strategies in the past which gives fruitful results in the future.

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