Sample Essay

(Ricketts, 2002, p228) These are the key reasons which affect the core competence and sustainability of business to high extends because core competence is the set of specialized skills which may be affected because of the difference of practice and theory.

It is because the fact that core competence and sustainability helps the company in foreseeing its future performance and standing among the competitors which could be affected because of several factors; such as, the practical advanced and improved challenging changes adopted by the competitors of the company which could affect the progress and planning of the organization, the performance of employees which could be lessen down due to several organizational behavior or environmental factors, the financial standing or position of the company which is dependent on its stakeholders, the reaction of the customer which could be unpredictable and unexpected by the company, or even the practical change of the management who used to handle the organizational structure. These are only few reasons which are totally unexpected, unpredicted or planned by the company which are totally different from the organization’s management and environment due to several other reasons which differentiates theory from practice and real life experience or working of the company.

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