The preposition phrases are words that do not make complete sentences, and when placed at the beginning of a sentence, they require a comma after them. The placement of the preposition phrase slightly shifts the focus in the sentence, while the comma puts a pause in reading. Therefore the set of sentences are correct. Example: he was at peace by lying on the bed, or, by lying on the bed, he was at peace.

39 the sentences are not all correct.

The sentences have grammatical errors and improper use of verbs. The second sentence can also read as “this is the book for the project.” The second and last sentence are not grammatically correct. Example: this is the lace for that shoe.


The first sentence is correct if there is a comma placed after the name Brian, “I am Brian, taking your econ 412 course starting at 6:10 pm.” The sentences can also use connectors like “which” or “that”, “I am Brian that is taking your econ 412 course, which starts at 6:10pm.” When using that, one does not use a comma, but one can use a comma before the preposition that has which. Example: her name is Jen, she attends Baptist high alongChesterroad.

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