Sample Essay

A woman, in this male dominated society cannot keep her feminism and be what she wants to be because she will always be judged by men and held to their standards, thus never being able to break the wall of stereotypes that surround her being. A woman does not become a man if she suits up like a man or becomes aggressive at the workplace. At the end of the day what matters is how she maintains her feminine side and balances it with her ambitions and goals to perform as well as the males and that fact that a woman works twice as hard as men should garner respect.

The difference between the compensation amount between males and females doing the same job is a whopping $102,000 in annual payments. The US Census shows that the difference in terms of percentage between the male and female earnings ranges from a low of 50% in management to a peak of 85% in human services. Equal education qualification did not contribute to adequate compensation and remained unequal.

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