Sample Essay

Many pharmaceutical companies conduct their drug trials in developing countries withinAfrica(Kent D. 2004). If the drug’s safety and efficacy is established as a result of these trials, then it is the ethical responsibility of the company to give back to the community. It should provide the drug at subsidized rates to these people. This could be one way through which under-privileged populations with a high disease burden could get access to the drug.

Other options would be to campaign for more money from individual donors specifically with the objective of raising money for the drug. As the UN President, I would initiate policy changes that eventually allow for production in countries with high prevalence so as to reduce manufacturing costs. And finally I would divert some funds towards achieving a cheaper method of producing the drug so that in the long run it can be made available to more and more people.

In conclusion it can be said that even though the availability of this drug would be limited in the beginning policy change could result in further financing and therefore greater availability of the drug. However it is to be remembered that as the President of the United Nations I would have a responsibility towards other matters as well. All finances could not be focused towards one problem. Therefore alternatives to prevention such as condoms and spreading awareness about the HIV infection should not be discarded after the production of this drug and alongside all of this newer cheaper production methods for this drug should be given due importance.

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