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Another area in which Peruvian women have made some progress but still have a long path to go is that of their position in the country’s political and legal authority. In addition to their growing role in formal politics women have made a significant impact working for various women’s rights movements. Women have had important successes in the 20th century inPeru. For example in 1955 women were finally allowed to vote, a huge success for the suffrage movement in Peru.

Later in the 80’s the government ratified the UN convention ‘End All Forms of Discrimination Against Women’ which would require it to become less discriminatory in its laws and systems and to work towards developing the political and economic strength of women. From the late 1980’s and the 1990’s Peru has been witness to a rising trend of women in the ranks of its political figures.(Walter,Lynn. “Peru: Women’s Politics and Law) There are now female mayors, senators, legislators and Supreme Court judges. There number is far from being equal to that of men, however despite that it is important to recognize that the room made my these women will make room for more younger women aspiring to lead the way to a changed, more democratic and emancipated Peru.Peru has also a dedicated ministry to Women development which is run by a woman ( Walter,Lynn. “Peru: Women’s Politics and Law). There are also many women holding leadership positions in rural labor unions indicating that there has been empowerment and awareness at the grass-root level.

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