Sample Essay

Recently new problems have cropped up regarding the canal. The newer ships are much larger than the ones the canal was initially designed for. “The canal can only accommodate ships carrying up to 65,000 tons of cargo, but recently ships which are able to carry 300,000 tons have been introduced.” Multiple solutions have been considered for the above problem, including the construction of new canals. However, replacement canals would have a significant economic impact on the people of the Republic of Panama.

It is possible to increase the size of the canal and multiple schemes, including the use of nuclear power, have been considered to achieve that purpose. The government of Panama is dedicated to preserving its highly profitable waterway as evidenced by a government statement to that effect.

“Panamahas announced an ambitious US $5.3bn plan to widen its famous canal to handle a new generation of giant container ships. President Martin Torrijos described the project as a “formidable challenge” but necessary if the canal is to retain its place as a key route for global cargo.” (Panama Canal History Museum)

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