Sample Essay

Cisneros (2009) emphasizes much upon the need of women to covering up as being the shield and strength which is not dependant on skin color but on self respect. For instance, she mentions how white skinned girls would flaunt off their brilliant nude selves around locker rooms when in High School, however, though comfortable with their skin, they were usually hiding issues such as bulimia and anorexia. To her modestly was of utmost importance which meant staying covered instead of the masses being American and her being a Latina eking out the existence in as traditional a way as possible. To most having a dark skin is a form of suppression beyond cultural boundaries while they need to be explored which often happens while at the same time being confused with crossing one’s limits.

As youngsters, girls often fall prey to dangerous activities that could include drug abuse and teen pregnancy (Kilbourne 1999). Teenagers are amateurs and still in the process of learning about their self concept and societal norms and eventually become prime targets of such risky exposure. Peer pressure and the role of media play an important role in making children flourish and nurture to their very self image, however, as Kilbourne fears and rightly mentions, children are no longer raised by parents, and they are in fact raised by the mass media that could have a devastating effect on the youth of a society.

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