Sample Essay

Perception, or the way of assigning meaning / interpretation to received information in light of past experiences and our physical environment, shapes how we see different societies and develop a positive / negative perception with regard to how something feels to our taste buds.

Perception clearly depends on how information is presented to the user, consequently resulting in similarity of the structure in which this information is stored, to match with the community or a group we belong to, therefore, creating a culture. An example would be the treatment of animals in various societies. In our environments, cats and dogs are friendly pets hence, as we grow in an environment, we develop an interpretation of loving these animals, thereby becoming a part of our culture. Other communities might have a different perception regarding animals we treat as pets, such as food in China, considered taboo in our part of the world.

Another example how culture sets up perception and shapes preference is evident from the use of white color in different parts of the world. In the Western values system, white is a color of peace, strength, which creates a perception of positivity, however in the Eastern parts of the world, white is perceived to be a color of death.

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