Sample Essay

Hackers around the globe fall into different categories when it comes to their hacking patterns. They have been categorized as being expert hackers or script kiddies. The expert hacker’s have extremely good hacking skills. When we talk about hacking skills it means that person has grasp over computer technologies and the utilities that run over them. Network as in its present day shape, has in it self a lot of vulnerabilities that can be violated to hacking intentions but to do so one has to have great computer and networking skills and an aptitude to do so.

The act of hacking started out innocently, and was basically a method of trying to figure out how computer systems worked (Hacking Alert).

With the possibilities that hackers get via hacking that is breaking in into people’s bank accounts, their private valets, security departments and private information that they can easy sell for great amounts, they get encouragement for maximizing their efforts to sharpen their skills as well as determination for working in an area where there is opportunities for good fortunes.

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