Sample Essay

Othello married to Desdemona but was not sure about her love and devotion; he did not know why he was chosen by her from many plaintiffs. So he had doubts about her from the beginning and meanwhile, Iago started manipulating his plan to show Othello that his wife is unfaithful.In addition, when Iago took Desdemona’s handkerchief and placed it in Caassio’s room, jealousy factor took over Othello’s mind. Desdemona was unable to prove her innocence and was a guiltless victim of Othello’s jealousy and Iago’s accusation. Othello faced the ultimate downfall due to jealousy, and let Iago to manipulate him. Another reason for Othello’s downfall was his prejudice with his wife; he didn’t try to listen and allow Desdemona to explain and clarify the truth. Othello believed that he was right and he killed her because she would involve with more men (Shakespeare 752). If Othello had a strong relationship with Desdemona, he would not have prejudiced and accused her and he could have found the truth by speaking with her before taking any wrong decision. Othello trusted Iago more than anyone without any doubt. Iago was jealous from Othello’s position and always tried to be on his level and position. So Iago made a plan to gradually manipulate Othello’s mind; make him suspicious from his interracially married wife and destroy his life in order to reach his evil plan. Iago changed Othello’s beliefs about Desdemona’s honesty and dastardly broke him emotionally and backstabbed Othello (Lukacs 2).

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