Sample Essay

A little more than just 200 years before Muslim world was considered the hub of science and literature. Muslim scholars have laid such foundations that were later used by European researches to build extremely beneficial artifacts that have amazed the world. During the prime era of Muslims, there were mathematicians, doctors, scientists, philosophers, researchers and artists that people from around the globe used to come and learn from them.

The theories presented by Muslim scholars are the basis of most of the modern scientific inventions and innovations. The downfall arose when the Muslim world interacted with the Europeans; its dated around 200 years back in 1798 when Napoleon landed in Egypt and the Muslim worlds came in contact with the Europe. From here came the influence and impact of European culture and civilization on the Muslims. The two nations are not incompatible but the ideological differences became evident when conflicts triggered events that lead to development of anger and hostile feelings among contradicting nations. According to Daniel Pipes:

This confrontation was clearly shown in the aftermath of the fatwa by Ayatollah Khomeini against Salman Rushdie. Contrary to popular expectation, the lines in 1989 were drawn not between Muslim and Westerners, but between those who supported the ayatollah, or in some fashion sympathized with him, and those who were against him. One found many Muslims and Westerners on both sides. This illustrates how it is ideas that count, not religion. (Distinguishing between Islam & Islamism, 1998)

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