Sample Essay

The significance of information age and its impact on the overall infrastructure of communication is enormous. Breakthrough advancements in technology have resulted in information now treated as a major asset solidifying an organization’s reach across horizons in wake of new business strategies as well as ensuring effective communication between functions of the organization itself.

While the use of this information is critical for both ensuring survival of the organization and being a frontrunner in its strategies for the future, there are large boulders in use of this information effectively, efficiently and in a timely, coordinated fashion so that this information remains with those responsible for managing and controlling it and, at the same time, ensuring that this information assists in strategic business decision making.

There have been a wide variety of metaphors that are used to describe the various aspects of information, communication and the overall infrastructure of organizational communication. Information has been described as glue which keeps different component parts making up the information core, together. Contradictory metaphors also suggest that rather than binding the different functions of the organization together, that may result in frequent collisions in serving individual of interests of each; information rather plays the role of a lubricant that keeps all parts of the organization separate but smoothly functioning.

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