Sample Essay

This level of procedures stand for all the normative rules and regulations for the organization, they are designed to the creation and safeguarding of both identity and quality, they are related to ethical codes of conduct and to create the statutory and contractual requirements, this is the level of normative corporate management, considers the organization as a whole. There is much that happens simultaneously in and in relation to every organization. In the VSM at QP, it is suggested that leadership construct structures and processes which are result oriented and based on past results and experiences, this level contains all periods from past to future, in order to facilitate the learning organizational activities.

In order to achieve above listed benefits, QP needs a strong proactive leader ship with integrated processes at all levels as complexity, change and diversity of the issues in this situation demands complex systems. There is no quick fix for this problem; the solutions should be holistic and creative enough to meet the management challenges, QP should seek to improve outcomes through Systems Thinking.

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