Sample Essay

By building ties between people, places and businesses and making exchanges easier we hope to contribute to the protection of our environment and the environment of future generations by making dematerialization of exchanges easier. We will continually strive to improve quality of service and innovation, especially with regard to health care and the development of eco-responsible products (Sustainable Development).

Orange carries a vision of differentiating and plans to boost average customer utilization and introduction of its wireless services. It plans to make MMS as popular as SMS is. Deployment of Orange World Portal inFrance,UK,Poland, the Netherlands,Romania,SlovakiaandSwitzerlandis one of the differentiating strategies. European Union’s vision of integration is the key business trait inOrange’s expansion by having fruitful partnerships with SMS+ and Orange Gallery to maximize GPRS network market by its innovative services. For those countries whereOrangehas no presence it has alliance with TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile), Telefonica Moviles and T- Mobile providing access to its customers. For corporate markets its strategy holds offering integrated services such as intranet and email access via wireless in partnership with palm and Oracle.Orange,FranceTelecom and Equant are cooperating to offer virtual private network services using GPRS.

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