Sample Essay

There were some issues that could have been considered and paid much heed to, for instance, a male voice over narrated in English by Murray Abraham is there, and however, though Vietnamese has been translated into English via subtitles, the English used has not been considered for Vietnamese subtitles. There was this perception that the movie had focused on American target audience to a great deal as opposed to a mixed audience comprising of both nations. Moreover, the main plot and ideas had been carved in by the American director with the assistance of a Vietnamese translator while Giang is assumed to be taking a secondary role for the collaboration.

The script was transliterated to perfection with the primary aim at avoiding as many errors as possible, Allan Nouse, the American director defended the presence of a translator as mentioned to defend Shakespeare’s text against misinterpretation and errors in translation (Weidlinger 2009).  It all sums up to the conclusion by many that Vietnamese artists had boarded on to the ship to do the job as directed by their American counterparts. It is argued that it was the Americanization of the Vietnamese rather than coordination of skills in a mutual way and the interpretation was pretty conventional.

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