Sample Essay

The firing of employees could result in dissatisfaction in employees and their performance may drop, which will eventually hurt the company. Even the raising of the quota could be perceived as a sign of neglect by the employees.

Kimberly  might end up firing two people and then if Brian Kindler leaves, the remaining employees will be considerably overworked. If she chooses to fire Brian Kindler then this could be seen as because of his mental health which could result in legal problems for the company. Questions might be raised on whether Kimberly had access to confidential health records.

The further complication is that she has to make a decision now, when a few months later one of her employees Joe will be retiring. If she fires this employee now then he loses his medical and other benefits which seems unjustified after 19 years of service to the company.

She could train present employees to do Joes work and when he leaves the sales quota could be again motivated. It is important that Kimberly explains the rationale of her actions to her employees as far as is possible.

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