Sample Essay

Duffy, 2008) According to National Physics Survey, inOntario, there are approximately 34 percent of the doctors who have decided to reduce their working hours in the next two years. Even 43.8 percent of the elder surgeons with 55+ ages have come up with the decision to reduce their working hours and to have balanced lives with their families.

On the other hand, many young doctors, especially female doctors have entered in the professional working field to make a better and balanced life as compared to their ancestors. In order to overcome the shortage of doctors and surgeons, the province government has come up with the new strategy and a better practice model. According to this model, the doctors do not own their own separate working space, rather, they work in team projects or family health teams so that doctors are not burdened anymore. Now, the doctors use the facilities owned by the municipality with the help of family health team. The family health team involves doctors, nurses and several other health professionals, who help and ease the work of the senior doctor with his work and work for fewer hours weekly.

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