Sample Essay

Both are prominent in the shaving formulation sector for the EEA, the relevant brands bringing about such a position are Noxema of P&G and Gillette. However, the shaving formulation is being under consideration to fall in a separate product category as opposed to the entire body care market. However, there hasn’t been any demographic segmentation or demarcation for such a purpose or even between foams and gels for that matter.

Similarly, there isn’t much of differentiation for P&G in this regard as it is of the view that both are used interchangeably and eventually sold to the same retailers. Moreover, no such geographic segmentation is essential especially in the local market where there are no significant competition related threats.

Moreover, Gillette is very active in the male market segment for fragrances and has thus been able to acquire a mass market in this regard with both functional and emotional benefits provided to consumers. This eventually is a differentiating factor that has resulted in being a strength as well. As far as distribution channels are concerned, Gillette’s products are sold through its traditional supply chain network, that is, retailers, as opposed to Wella’s products that tap into the salon market; therefore, the push strategy gets the products well placed without any challenging criteria of maintaining a pull strategy. Salons are further categorized as the retail domestic appliance market.

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