Sample Essay

How is Nike contributing for the betterment of its employees in the regions in which it operates? Is Nike paying its employees well above or well below the minimum wage, as advertised and publicized by labor activist organizations? Labor issues have long been part of the problem in every organization that shifts its operations from one place to another.

The same problem followed when Nike shifted its manufacturing units from one region to another, along with same owners and managers operating in the previous region to forge even greater relationships with them. Eventually, some animosity existed between the Vietnamese workers and their Korean and Taiwanese managers that gave rise to the issue. For the resolution of this issue, Nike extended its efforts in lots and lots of ways to induce the feelings of positivity, trust and privilege being associated with the company through a variety of actions, some of which are:

  1. Encourage strict adherence to Nike’s policy for human capital management, the regulation of which can be performed by periodic audits, snap checks and press inspection of its manufacturing sites across different parts of the world to ensure that these standards are uniformly followed.
  2. Communicating code of conduct to all employees by printing small pocket-sized cards to enhance their performance by telling that they are an important part of the company
  3. Conducting independent monitoring and audits, using help and assistance from recognized authorities in their disciplines and work areas.
  4. Encouraging diverse culture, through dedicating a specific quota for hiring female workers at different sites. Fair practices should be ensured with complete disregard to race, gender, creed, ethnicity, or personal preferences.
  5. Allow for “open” as well as “anonymous” communication for all employees, by facilitating an intranet based website, enabling employees to whistle-blow on any malpractice in the organization.

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