Sample Essay

Nike is a remarkable story about a company that emerged from partnership between two individuals to becoming the largest athletic footwear company in the world. Nike built its market leadership on a variety of principles, from its strong commitment to its contractors, its practices in health and safety management, and its commitment towards how it ran its business, across the world.

Soon after Nike emerged as a market leader, negative publicity followed with a series of news about Nike’s ill managed practices related to its labors, safety hazards, living standards and working conditions. A large part of this negative publicity was played by the Phil Knight’s announcement of the withdrawal of his pledge for the University of Oregon’s football stadium. At the very same time, amidst the financial crisis in the Asian markets, Nike was negatively publicized by human rights and labor activist organizations of engaging into malpractice through treating their employees in derogatory manner, through long work hours, unsafe and unhealthy labor practices, environmental safety and issues of labor wage.

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