Sample Essay

The perception of beauty and elegance would vary from a societal perspective thus demanding a lot from women at times. ‘Never Perfect’ is a movie embark upon the struggle of a young Vietnamese American with body image and critical self perception that forces her to undergo cosmetic surgery and change the way she looks.

Regina Park’s written piece of art is though provoking in a way that makes racism question about why differences career and academics hinder personal self achievement in a diverse society. It is about contemporary notions and stereotypes that are feared to go on forever in the society thereby maintaining such thoughts and perceptions.

The fundamentalist paradigm suggests that there are rules and regulations prevailing in the society that maintain stability, self hatred resulting from racism related matters could be governed by limited rules however futile. It took history to have African Americans to be accepted into the society, later diversification resulting from assimilation as a result of various nationalities merging in demands more time to completely eradicate racism (Zane 2003).

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