Sample Essay

Networking in business is the integration of the company to all its stake holders, small business networking is the procedure of constructing positive relationships with potential customers, employees, and other business people. This affiliation is jointly helpful to every body in connection. Networking is integrative as well as inside-out. It is very significant for small business entrepreneur to appreciate and distinguish between networks of companion, the internal surrounding, and the business networking (Roger Hayes, 1996). It is equally imperative to hold them and to have a proper edge in network. In undersized businesses, individual contact network of entrepreneur is very vital and it can be the source of exact and ideal information. This information is really very helpful to supply guidance in aggressive and active industry surroundings.

The initiative of networking, in which entrepreneurs mutually support each other, work together with well-built organizations and “add support from neighbouring associations like Chambers of Commerce and Stock Exchanges, regarded as a basic activities of the small business administrator and a way of surmounting internal sources limitations” (Carson & Cromie 1995: 122).

Astle (1994) has suggested the rules of success for small and medium enterprises, these rules are putting people first, and keep the credibility of promises, trust establishment, emphasis on necessities rather than luxuries, proper execution of processes, effective planning, and selling optimism.

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