Sample Essay

The company has further shown commitment to creating shared value by the name of Nestlé Healthy Kids Global Program. Through this program the company plans to increase the number of countries where it sponsors nutritional and physical activity programs amongst school going children by the year 2011.  The company believes that through such programs, problems of obesity and malnutrition can be brought down substantially (CSR WeltWeit 2009).

Nestlé believes that the investments it makes should be profitable for both, the company as well as the country where it is operating. The true test of a responsible company is whether it is able to create value for the society and people where it operates especially in developing countries. Developing countries need attention in order to improve the quality of business processes and the people who work in the company in the long run because if the quality of life of the employees who work there will be good then the employees will be motivated towards working harder and this would result in higher profits for the company as well as satisfaction for the employees. In developing countries, employees face problems regarding healthcare and transportation system. If the company takes initiative and provides services beyond compensation through the human resource departments and builds facilities for working mothers and better hospitals, schools and even roads as a contributor to improving the quality of life of not only employees, but also common people, it would reap benefits in the form of employee satisfaction, increased brand image and value and customer loyalty (Nestle CSR Report)

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