Sample Essay

In Latin America, Nestlé provided help to the government in Brazil at the time when Brazil had coffee surplus and millions of coffee beans were going to waste. At that time, Nestlé stepped in and helped many farmers avoid bankruptcy by using those coffee beans in a new product which is world famous now by the name of Nescafe.

This initiative not only helped launch a brand but also sustained coffee and it’s processing while providing the farmers who had grown these coffee beans the income from the sale of coffee to Nestlé instead of wasting the crops and suffering losses. In Latin America alone, where Nestlé opened its first factory in the developing world, opportunities for better optimization of crops to sustain future generations, reduce poverty and malnutrition by providing jobs and integrating other business ventures through cross sector partnerships is all part of creating shared value for the people who work for the company and the country where Nestlé operates (Nestlé CSR Report)

Nestlé’s scientist Alfredo Zamarippa (Nestle CSR Report) has carried out practical research in order to produce clones of the food crops which have high quality and resistant to diseases and quick degeneration. This has benefitted the coffee farmers ofBrazila great deal by increasing their output and income and quality of life.

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