Sample Essay

It is because of all these reasons that we need to come up with solutions to the problems that immigrants face when they wish to acquire further training. 40% of those who wished to acquire education reported that they were experiencing some or the other difficulty in the process.

These were predominantly language difficulties and financial constraints in going for the education they wanted. This indicates that perhaps educational resources have not been designed to accommodate immigrants with language barriers and that the government is not able to provide financial aid to those seeking it. Another problem identified by Peter-Steele Mosey in his research paper is that because most post-secondary institutions are privately run and with little government supervision, they may be biased against immigrants and refuse to provide them with resources they need. His recommendation on the basis of his research carried out in Ontariois:

‘most efficient option is to increase the transparency and accountability ofOntario’s private post-secondary institutions’

In conclusion therefore it can be said that more financial resources need to go into providing educational resources specifically to immigrants.

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