Sample Essay

Every personality that we see is unique just like the fine differences in finger prints of individuals around the globe and thus my personality in unique in terms of nationality and recognition. It eventually has been shaped by family and cultural values instilled by my upbringing.

It is prudent for an individual to value family life and togetherness and never to let go of his or her roots. It is because of that reason that I was taught the true worth of achievement and earning by the sweat of one’s brow. As a child my father had lived a less affluent life and had gone through thick and thin to eke out a family driven life amidst all the hard work. He never forgot his past and belongingness to a flexible and hard working Brazilian nation, the worth of which my parents instilled in me from my childhood.

As a result of commitment and determination, my father was able to set forth a successful business later in life which is indicative of the fact that I aim to be as hardworking and focused, thereby following the footsteps of my elders. What I got to learn through the years is self respect gained through self dependence and the determination to prove the purpose of my living to the most positive extent as possible. Therefore, this becomes a primitive level of living and not merely existing.

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