Sample Essay

Music Television Channel (MTV) is a pioneer of new era popular culture of music.  Because of MTV music is widely distributed and demanded heavily.  MTV reshaped today’s youth, include 12-34 year old population. Its content and programming meet demands and desires of youth.  In this era of global digitization, the end less possibilities have to met, in order to still be triumphant and aggressive in the following generations to come.

The circumstances of 21st century are far multidimensional, where MTV does not only have to meet new innovations but also new entrants.  The question arises whether the MTV impression will endure and whether cable TV can continue the attack of digital media and wireless applications.

This study tries to bring understanding to the future of MTV by presenting a comprehensive strategy statement so as to formulate strategic options for the business organization, generate sound recommendations and develop feasible implementation plans that will address the issues that confront the long-term operations of the company.

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