Sample Essay

  MTV must continue its expansion of local content to meet its global challenges through new digital and media platforms. By integrating these technologies and continuing its expansions throughout the world especially in emerging countries found in Latin American and Asia, it may continue to meet success.

MTV must first correct its weaknesses to reach out to a local audience by researching about the market.  This can be achieved through alliances with local companies. It also needs to appeal to the governments of different countries which focus on promoting their local channels.

The target market of MTV is the most difficult market to hold due to rapidly changing trends and interests, in-consistent desires and most likely, they would not be the smallest amount bit like generation that give popularity to MTV.  The 21st century is providing even more diverse challenges.  Organization has to redesign its strategic frame work to get the most of technological innovations.  As it is the trend setter of the past, it should conquer new challenges of globalization to be right at the top of music channels.

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