Sample Essay

The Life and times of Rosie the Riveter is a movie about working women and the hardships they endured both domestically and professionally. Usually the kind of jobs for women prevailing in1930’s were of waitresses, shop sales person, a cook or most common of all; running all domestic chores. However, the mark of World War II in history changed the job description of such a role playing woman as the demand for workers erupted as billboards and posters adorned catchy lines such as “Do the Job he left Behind.” Eventually women got the jobs they were denied for their gender.

This movie is about the exact type of woman whose efforts were much needed to contribute to the war field other than the orthodox view of working domestically only. At that time women took jobs of men and paved way to astounding results even at the industrial level while African American women also got a chance to prove their stance.

As soon as the war was over, Rosie wanted to stay to contribute to the economy from this different perspective; however, women’s subordinate role in the society at that time didn’t support promising opinions.

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