Sample Essay

The origin of the Roman Catholic Church is said to be from the Jesus Christ because it is the saying that the Jesus Christ built his church on the foundation stone he put in. it is the belief of all the followers of Jesus Christ that they have to spread the message of God and his messenger around the whole world. They have to spread the message of the Jesus Christ through this church.According to the Pope Benedict XVI of the Roman Catholic church, the Jesus Christ told everyone that his message should be spread with the power of faith that they should go around the world and spread this message among all nations, and baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This message is yet to be spread among all nations more and more until everyone understand and Jesus Christ is with everyone who is trying his level best to do so in every aspect possible (Lindell 59).

            To accomplish this mission, the church makes efforts to hold social and educational programs in many schools, universities, hospitals, and shelters and help them with financial aid as well.

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