These misconceptions and stereotypes give us the wrong idea of the opposite race. They thus breed fear, intolerance and separation between races. Ultimately, this leads to segregation and discrimination of the ‘inferior’ race, as we do not understand that they are just different from us, and not necessarily inferior or lesser human beings.

The above issues lead to racial prejudice, which occurs when a particular group of people is concerned about their privileges and what they believe they are entitled to. For instance, the privileged position the white race has held in this country since independence and the oppression the Black race has undergone might lead many white citizens to believe that they are entitled to some privileges that African Americans should not have. This belief may actually extend into action where blacks are given fewer opportunities for success in the country. Racial prejudice leads one to act in an aggressive and overt manner towards members of the group he has a problem with, without having considered all facts that are relevant to the case. Such a person also assumes that all members of the group behave in a certain way (Allport, 1954).

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