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Composting is the biological and natural method which converts the organic material into humus type product which is known as compost.

Materials which are normally used in the composting are: dairy products, milk, fruits, vegetables, bread, grains, meats, newspaper, paper napkins and coffee filters.

Materials which cannot be compost are: metals, glass, plastic, chemicals, foils, grease and polystyrene.The technologies involved with composting are:

  • Windrow composting
  • In-vessel composting systems
  • Anaerobic processing
  • Aerated static pile composting
  • Vermi-composting


  • Benefits Involved –
    • Preserves natural resources
    • Increases the productivity
    • Minimizes the need for more landfill space



It is the process in which organic materials are oxidized into the shape of several types of productive end products. It is also known as microbial fermentation procedure.


Intermediate Solid Waste Processing:

Garbage Disposals – Garbage disposal process demolishes the waste produced in the food area which includes restaurants, dishwashing areas, sinks, and others

Pulper – Pulper is the process through which solid particles or materials are removed from the waste before disposing it through a specific routine or procedure

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