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There are several methods available for the purpose of waste management, but some of the main methods are listed and explained in point form for understanding the basic plan of the process

Source Reduction & Reuse Method:

(Garvin, 1995, p78-85) The source reduction and reuse is the method in which the quality, quantity, design, style, manufacturing texture, packaging, purchase or use of the material or product is changed in order to reduce the toxic nature of the waste being produced by the company.

  • Benefits involved –
      • Minimization of waste
      • Preservation of natural resources
      • Increase in production of greenhouse gases
      • Reduction in air pollution
      • Cost effective


Food Recovery & Gleaning:

The collection of wholesome food or food related stuff, inclusive of food chains, distributors, glossary stores, and food service operations; and then distributing them to poor in order to eradicate poverty in a particular sector. This is also food recovery (Cheremisinoff, 2002, p14).

  • Benefits Involved –
  • Distribution of food supplies to the needy
  • Helps in gaining local waste reduction objectives

Ensures enhanced public image for the businesses involved

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