Sample Essay

The research for this project has been conducted by gathering information from various sources, articles, websites, reports and implementations to collect experiences and thoughts of organizations about ITIL, the readiness of organizations to implement ITIL, the mistakes that have been made in the past, the costs involved in delaying the project or failure to adopt and implement this evolving program. Once information gathering has been complete, a comprehensive study has been conducted to determine information on the various points serving the purpose of this project, hence contributing towards the conclusion and recommendations, learnt as a result from the information of various sources.

Since ITIL provides organizations with a customizable ‘one-size fits all’ framework that is highly adaptable, problems arise, mostly at the conception and initiation phase of its implementation. These problems can be categorized into two categories: internal, closely related to how ITIL is defined and external, relative to the organization which is implementing ITIL.

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