Sample Essay

The whole debate indicates that smartness or intelligence has no fixed boundaries where it could be confined. Men and women both in their own capacity have certain traits and capabilities. Each individual should be judged irrespective of its gender. World has dynamic individuals some are smarter than others but each is respectable in their own place. When a very intellectual couple was asked similar questions:

PARADE columnist Marilyn vos Savant and her husband, Dr. Robert Jarvik, instinctively point to each other. Marilyn, of course, was in the Guinness Book for having the highest IQ ever recorded. But Dr. Jarvik—inventor of the Jarvik-7 and Jarvik-2000 artificial hearts, used to support patients with congestive heart failure—is no intellectual lightweight either. What do they talk about over dinner? “Medicine and world affairs are the main topics of discussion,” says Marilyn. “For entertainment, we love music, dance and going to movies.” Both are avid runners but don’t enjoy sports and never play games. Marilyn adds, “Rob is more competitive than I am—but, then again, everybody is!” (Savant, Are Men Smarter than Women?)

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