Sample Essay

We cannot disregard the fact that communication medium is both a social (Hong Kong Law Reform Commission 2004) as well as an economic enterprise that involves the provision of goods and services to both the public sector (necessary for the effective functioning of the society as a whole) as well as private (serving the private needs of individuals). Different communication media are hence said to operate in two environments (Calhoun 2005), public and private. These two environments have significant impact in affecting the nature of information and behaviors shaped as a result of media operations in these two entirely different environments.

Communication between the audience and the public officials creates the public sphere (Sphere 2008), which enables the open-flow of information between the two parties. In such a case, free and independent media systems are mandatory for the smooth operations of this system.

Similarly, flow of messages between communication media owners and audience, specifically restricted based on certain attribute or having interests other than those of the general public constitutes the private sphere. The message can flow freely between the two parties, who can communicate in a restrictive open fashion. This flow of information is restricted and hence content and authenticity of information may be questioned.

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