Sample Essay

  • The prenatal care and pregnancy cases are dealt with the help of Mayan traditional herbal remedies and medicines
  • The facility of prenatal or birth care are usually very far from the residential areas of the Mayas
  • Most of the child births of Mayas take place at home because they lack in medical resources, knowledge and skills

  • The prenatal care and birth values are strongly emphasized home based
  • The Mayas do not follow the family planning strategies, which as a result, is increasing the number of complicated pregnancies and birth issues
  • Many of the children born with some pre-dominant diseases within their bodies due to the lack of care and precautions taken for prenatal care
  • There are no precautions or facilities available for the proper vaccination of the new born Maya babies
  • Due to the lack of care and vaccines for the new born, many of the babies get sick and die every year
  • Many Maya women die during the labor process while giving birth to their children because of the lack of knowledge and resource at home
  • Many new born babies also get infected with the diseases of polio as there are no vaccines available and get disable for their entire life
  • The Mayas are usually reluctant to adopt the birth spacing or family planning practices as this practice was never followed by their fore fathers
  • The delivery ratio of the rural births in the hospital of the Maya babies is just 1:4 which means that only one baby gets the chance to born in a hospital out of four
  • The health of Maya women has been affected to high extends due to many pregnancies and lack of care and resources for their health

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