Sample Essay

This marketing plan is written for E-Intelligent Solutions (EIS) Company. The core business of EIS is to provide online solutions to distinct products and services. These e-products and e-services are meant for technology savvy customers, who regularly purchase through online resources. Convenience, speed, and technology are vital advantages of online businesses over traditional physical companies. This company has been using a societal marketing approach and always aiming for sustainable and efficient improvement in both the consumer and society well being. The concepts of sustainable Green Marketing applied efficiently in marketing plans and business operations.

As a valuable addition in product line, after extensive marketing research, , company has decided to launch electronic cigarettes in the Middle East region, electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are healthier and cleaner alternative to conventional cigarettes, cigars, water pipes etc. It is comparatively a new product that would help smokers somehow reduce their smoking habits.  This e-cigarette consists of battery operated microcircuit device which gives inhalable nicotine doses, stored inside in the form of vapor compound.  A substantial feeling of inhaled tobacco without smoke but similar taste is generated. The proposed name for this unique product is Cig-Smart™.

Generally, all developing countries constituted a large market for tobacco consumption. Middle East has observed a rapid economic growth since era of 70’s; it resulted in increase in consumers’ purchasing powers and changing lifestyles. Along with other life style elements, smoking is also a common trait in these countries. A general concern of heart diseases, lungs cancer, and obesity has been raised in this era. EIS is seeing positive growth in this region, and Middle East would be a lucrative market for e-cigarettes, as the product targets social classes A and B due to high price range and selected availability.

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