Sample Essay

Marketing mix is a set of marketing activities in all forms, these set of tools are used by the company to pursue its marketing objectives (Griffin 2003: 54). These decisions are made to influence the trade channels as well as to affect the consumer decisions. EIS should prepare an offering mix of product, services, and prices, and utilizing the communication mix of adverting, sales promotion, and direct marketing tools. Here the two important marketing mix tools are going to be discussed: 


Pricing can be done by using many approaches, as CigSmart™ is highly differentiated and homogeneous product to any user. The price decision would be competition based, as the trading will be done online, where customers are fully capable of comparing price versus benefits of various competitors’ products. Customers based their online purchase decision on the available features and affordable prices in available brands.

ElectroCigs™ is available online at the prices starting from £9.99 + VAT and above, price is subject to change with the length and available features in the brand. Similarly the prices of other competing online e-cigarettes brands keeping their low price policies. IF EIS develops an efficient network of retailers and wholesalers in Middle East, large shipments will cut down the freight charges, and CigSmart™ would be available at quite low prices in this region. This strategy will give EIS a competitive edge on its other online competitors.

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