Sample Essay

The management of Citibank needs to reinforce the submission of better clientele service with befitting pursue through with engaged customers and employees; and conducts regular periodic meetings and presentations. Management should engage in enterprise development undertakings and solicitation of new enterprise prospects; dynamically engaging in instilling and sustaining an affirmative sales environment. Investigates and pursues up on important alterations in rank of living customers; motivates and monitors employees in traverse trading and merchandise production contrasted to goals; encounters with customers to talk about desires or anxieties and summaries befitting bank services.

Effective staff activities encompassing presentation appraisals, disciplinary activities, and consulting deserving candidates for employment,  Every day undertakings of the bank encompassing, but not restricted to, productive delegation of assignments, evolving work agenda and supplying essential training.

Citibank should assure review compliance and method value commands and start corrective actions; double-checks that the bank is in compliance with established bank principles, methods and state and government regulations.

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