Sample Essay

Especially in the 21st century, self-management is taking over the corporate world according to which ideas of shifting management power to the employee and is appreciated by every single company. But unfortunately, the companies ofNew Zealand are not taking part in this practice, especially the managers of the companies because they believe in holding the power in hand and delivering orders to others all by themselves and do not take self-management as a positive feedback in the corporate world. This situation has recorded to make more than half of the total employees unhappy from their jobs because of the rigid and inflexible rules and policies of their managers. They have complaints from their managers that their managers does not pay attention to their suggestions or criticism, their  management is not inspiring the air of trust, their management is not trust worthy or honest to them, their management does not provide required feedback, and does not listen to them. Even the top management schools of new Zealand, such as the UTS: School of Management Sydney NSW Australia; and Waikato Management School & University; who stresses very much on the business management and management theories but might not have enough focus on the modern management theories which are needed to be applied in the new Zealand (Grant, 2004).

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