Sample Essay

As time progressed, various management theorists devised opposing theories which proved that money is not the only motivating factor and that there exist other factors that determine one’s stance at work. Related arguments can be drawn based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Herzberg’s hygiene and motivating factors and McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y. Thus, the workers that Taylor described as being productive due to money as being the only motivator could be related to McGregor’s Theory X individuals (Byrnes 2003, p. 55); these are people who are not self motivated and are most likely to be pushed or forced to work. Therefore, it also had various other limitations as workers would deem their job invaluable thereby sacrificing quality in order to produce more and more units and undermine the quality of output.

Secondly, having only one best way of performing and doing ones job was more appropriate at the time of the industrial revolution when industries were being setup and they needed stringent standardization to achieve high levels of efficiency and output with the drawback of having to work in an autocratic environment (Stimpson 2002, p. 228). If practiced widely today, it would imply the worker feedback is not paid any heed to and worker participation in management decisions is totally unacceptable, here the concept of employees being an asset is contradicted with (that is if Taylor’s theory is applied). Furthermore,  ‘Theory X’ and ‘Scientific Management’ could still be prevalent in developing countries where especially factory workers could be unskilled and work on the basis of daily wage and piece rate or in case of worker exploitation by multi nationals in host countries such theories can be related to.

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