Sample Essay

Based on the flow of information within the organization with respect to time management, we can identify the following processes as being crucial for this system:

  1. User Login / Logout
  2. Time Sheet Entry & Submission
  3. Time Sheet Approval / Rejection
  4. Leave Requests
  5. Leave Request Approval / Rejection
  6. Leave Encashment Process
  7. Leave Encashment Approval / Rejection
This is the age of information. Information Systems form a major part of every business, from automating small units to the entire enterprise. These systems are developed based on two philosophical fronts, engineering and socio-technical. Each philosophy in itself covers different expectations that are to be derived from software solutions. While the engineering philosophy demands perfection and efficiency in any system developed, the socio-technological philosophy argues keeping humans and social variables in the loop, to ensure that not only the process can be improved but the environment surrounding the process / product is equally managed. These philosophies give rise to principles for developing software systems that provide guidance on how to proceed through different stages of the process resulting in the end product. At present, there are numerous methodologies / processes governing stages of software development, however no single methodology forms the unanimous standard designed to fit in any case. This poses a problem with an industry still evolving and maturing, in the face of processes that are not regulated or governed by a single body representing the industry.

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