Sample Essay

The European Union functions follow a set of laws regulations that provide justice, proper living standards and safety to all the citizens living in the member countries. These laws are stated in the treaties signed to implement a strategic way of justice in all the member states and countries. The treaties which are followed by the European Union are:

  • The European Coal and Steel Community Treaty (ECSC) – signed on 18th April 1951 inParis.
  • The Treaty of Rome– signed on 25th March 1957, inRome.
  • Merger Treaty – signed on 8th April 1965, inBrussels.
  • Single European Act (SEA) – signed in Hague andLuxembourg.
  • The European Union Treaty – signed on 7th February 1992, inMaastricht.
  • The AmsterdamTreaty – signed on 2nd October 1997 inAmsterdam.
  • The Treaty of Nice – signed on 26th February 2001.
  • The Treaty of Lisbon– signed on 13th December 2007, in Lisbon.

Previously, European Union was not eligible to interrupt in the global peacemaking efforts. These treaties helped the European Union to extend its operations and do the rightful and required efforts for the peacemaking plan in the world. not only this, but through these treaties, European Union now has the power and authority to offer its services and ideas to come to a solution to the conflicts and troubles which affects the peace of the world.

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