Sample Essay

The main bodies working jointly to represent an organized European Union are:

  • The European Parliament – makes final decision on implementing laws in theUnion. It mainly drafts the legislation for the citizens of the member countries of European Union.
  • The European Commission – improves the quality of work and performs the planning of the Union.

  • The European Central Bank – is the central entity bank for the central currency of the member countries of theUnion, that is, EURO.
  • The European Investment Bank – performs long-term financial plans and offers services available to the investors for theUnion.
  • The European Economic and Social Committee – is the formal platform through which member countries represents their social interests, interests and other concerns.
  • The Council of the European Union – gives the general political guidelines of theUnion.
  • The Court of Justice – ensures effective community legislation and communicates with the justice courts of the member countries.
  • The Court of Auditors – carries out audit of the European Union’s financial expenses.
  • The Committee of the Regions – represents the voice of the local and regional member authorities.

All these committees have joint their heads and are working continuously for the peacemaking activities in the world. All of the committees work jointly like; planning of the peace plan, implementation of peace plan, guidelines and outline of the plan, selecting the members who would be working to implement and represent this plan, financing required for peacemaking, and all the works related to peacemaking.

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