Sample Essay

The cost to their economies can be estimated from the fact that every year $1000 million are being diverted away from legitimate governments to corrupt officials. However Peter Eigen founder of Transparency International the only non-governmental organization combating corruption says that the real cost is when corrupt officials sign up companies for projects which are in reality harmful or unnecessary for the country thus incurring them an even bigger loss.(Montgomery M.) For poorer less stable developing countries these kind of corrupt practices make life very hard for ordinary citizens.

In Georgiaa government was overthrown because of its blatantly exploitive and corrupt behavior and the new government is trying to combat corruption at all levels. In a country like Nigeria for example $300 million came in as oil revenues. However the income per person has become lower here after the discovery of oil because of increased corruption which translates into not enough money coming down to ordinary people. Another example is the small nation ofSao Tomewhere discovery of oil has not resulted in the improvement of lives of poor citizens. (Montgomery M.) What these examples show is that bribery at this level is not a part of anyone’s culture but the signs of a struggling economy and suffering people who are being exploitated. In a developed country likeAmericaalso constant restrictions have to be placed at all levels to prevent those in power being influenced. For exampleNew Yorkfollowed a number of other areas in setting a limit to the size of the gifts that teachers can be given because of a number of complaints from parents that gifts were being used to make teachers give preferential treatment. (MacDonald J. G.)

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